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Linear Search Algorithm

Learn How this program work:

  1. First we take the input from the user of list of the numbers by using the input() function.
  2. Then we take the input of element that you want to search by using the input() function.
  3. Then we assume that the element is not found by flag = 0.
  4. Then we iterate the list by using for loop.
  5. Then we check the number is equal to element.
  6. If element no found then flag = 0 and element found then flag = 1.
  7. And lastly print the element is found or not.


# Input list from the user

list = eval(input("Enter A List Of Numbers:"))

# Input element that you want to search      

element = eval(input("Enter A Element To Be Search:"))

# Assume that the Element is not found    


# Iterate the list 

for i in list:      

    if i == element:    


        # If element found then flag = 1 





# If flag = 1 then the print element found

if flag==1:

    print("Element Found In The List.")

# If flag = 0 then the print element not found


    print("Element Not Found In The List.")

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    Cracking the coding interview March 16, 2021 at 3:49 PM

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