why python is best programming language for machine learning

If you are new in the machine learning field then I think you are confused about where to start and which programming language is best for machine learning. And this is the toughest thing to decide the programming language, But now it's easy to decide which programming language is best for you or not for you. Today in this post, we make your problem easy.

What is machine learning?

Machine Learning is the science of getting computers to learn and act like humans do, and improve their learning over time in an autonomous fashion, by feeding them data and information in the form of observations and real-world interactions.

Best programming language for machine learning

Python Programming Language

Currently the best programming language for research and development in machine learning and just don't go by my words recently the Google trend has basically shown from the past five years the interest in Python programming language has gone to a whole new level when compared to other programming languages like Java or scalar Julia and SPARC and as from the Google trend that we have seen that Python is one of the most popular languages but still the question exists why why is Python programming so popular for machine learning.

Why python programming language is best?

Understand the four specific reasons why Python has become a most popular language for machine learning techniques:

Easy To Use 

Python is very easy to use now when you when I say it is very easy to use that basically means that the syntax of Python is very much simple if you have some basic knowledge of one programming language learning Python is just like a cup of tea you will be able to learn it very quickly within one to three months that depends on the speed of your learning itself this simplicity of Python has made most of the corporate companies to use Python for most of the research and development work the other difference between Python and the other programming languages is that you will be able to implement most of a work with less lines of code and compared to the other programming languages let me just give up very good experience of mine itself for one of the programming language for which I was working I was basically writing a code on Java and for the same work actually it took me around 200 lines of code for Java but when I try to do that same thing with the help of Python it hardly took me around 22 2013 of code.

Multiple Libraries

Python has multiple libraries and frameworks as Python is an open source programming language it has hundreds and hundreds of libraries along with different different frameworks which the developer can use to basically complete their work let me mention some of the very important libraries that Python developer uses  those libraries are numpy pandas skycat learn number is basically used for creating multi-dimensional arrays and if you want to perform various operation within the areas you can basically use numpy apart from that you also have pandas library help you to read from different kind of data sources so that you can basically retrieve the data and then with the help of data frames and data series you can do different kind of operations there is also a visualization library that is present in Python which is pretty much for popular like MATLAB and si bon si bon includes some more statistical analysis within the library so that you can visualize the data set along with that you can also perform statistical analysis on that specific data when I talk about skycat learn this is one of the most popular libraries where most of the machine learning algorithm is basically present so if you want to implement any machine learning algorithm you will basically be using skycat learn as a library and you will be calling that specific algorithm and then you'll be applying that in your problem statement the sky kid learn has all the different kinds of machine learning algorithm let it be supervised machine learning algorithm unsupervised machine learning algorithms when I talk about unsupervised machine learning algorithms that basically means we are talking about clustering algorithms so you have different types of clustering algorithms like Cayman clustering hardening clustering whereas if I talked about supervised machine learning algorithms you have simple linear regression you have logistic regression you have decision tree random forest adaboost gradient boosting and many more now when I talk about deep learning which is a subset of machine learning even for that you have different kind of frameworks like tensorflow Chara's pi torch pianos and many more these frameworks are one of the most popular frameworks which you will be basically using to create deep learning neural networks apart from this python is also being used for creating web based application web services web scrapping and many more things so this makes Python one of the most favorite language because it has a lot of functionalities included in it.

Support And Community

Python has community and corporate support when I talk about community and corporate support that basically means many developers are using Python skills to basically increase the machine learning knowledge apart from that they are also using Python for implementing various deep learning projects this is basically leading to the increase in the popularity of Python even though if you go and search in the Google you'll be finding various github links various online repositories various online run learning resource apart from YouTube tutorials like mine wherein we are basically teaching about machine learning techniques and that is all because of Python so many top companies like Google book Amazon are basically using Python to implement most of the products now some of the products that I would like to mention is that Amazon Alexa Google assistant you know CD from Apple apart from that Netflix using it for Netflix movie recommendation system even Facebook is also implementing its friend recommendation system with the help of Python and along with the machinelearning models.


Python is most demanded programming language and python is best for the machine learning and it has more feature to use python that we discuss above.
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