Why python is most demanded language? Features of Python

features of python

As you all Know Python is the Most demanded and popular programming language. But you know why python is the most demanded or popular language? and which things make python language different from other programming languages? Features of python?

Features Of Python

Open source and high level

Python is an Open source and high-level of programming language.

Interpreted Language

Python is interpreted language, It means python converts one line into the machine language.

Simple syntax

Python has a simple and easy syntax that can help programmers to learn in an easy way, And this majorly makes python the most popular and demanded in the list of programming languages.

Case sensitive

Python is case sensitive means that, eg: python takes Ankur or Ankur both are different for python.

Independent platform

Python is an independent platform means it can run in all the operating systems.

Rich libraries

Python has so many libraries that can help you to do work.

Use in Web development

Python is also used in web development and python has also so many frameworks for web development such as Flask, Django, etc.

Use in GUI Application

Python also used in GUI, Other things.

Use indentation

Python uses an indentation block.

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  • bhanu
    bhanu August 18, 2021 at 5:51 PM

    It is very useful for me to learn and understand easily. Thanks for sharing
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