Learn Python3 the hard way

Learn python3 and make a python program using mobile without having a computer or laptop we also make our python program.

learn python

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  • Introduction
  • The Python IDE
  • Make your first python program 
  • Make a variable in python
  • Some Python example
  • Conclusion


Python program language was developed by Guido Van Rossum in February 1991.
Python is an easy and powerful language.
In this article, We will learn how to run a python program using a mobile application, We will also make a first python program that'sHello World Program. We will also learn many various things.

The python in the Mobile

We will start the python on a mobile phone by using a mobile application, First of all, the link is in the below click here and download the python application that application helps you to learn python using mobile.
Mobile python: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=org.qpython.qpy3&hl=en_IN
Now our next step is to make a first python program.

Make your first Python program

To make a python program the hard way, First, you need to know about some basic python syntax. If you don't know about Python syntax then don't worry. After reading this post you will definitely know about python and python syntax and you can also able to make your own python program.
So, first, fo all gains knowledge about the python syntax.

What do you mean about Python Syntax?

When this word comes into your mind you all think that syntax means a sentence of any language. If you also think similarly,  then you are definitely right. 

So, Python Syntax is also a sentence in python language. So, first of all, we will know about some python syntax that helps us to create our first python program 

If you are never doing a type of coding or never know about any programming language then, don't worry this post is only for you because we not only learn the python, we will also convert python in a toy.

So, Let's start with Hello World! to make our first python program. In the first program, we will print the string in the output.
print("Hello World!")

Output: Hello World!
Here we will use the print parameter to print the Hello World!.
Note: String must be in the double inverted commas.

Make a Variable in Python 

The variable is the temporary storage of strings, numbers, etc. We will use the variable in the python program to store the value of string and numbers.
So, we will make a variable named "a", You can give any name to a variable. We will use a variable for storing "Hello" words and we will take another variable and give named "b" and now we will store in "b" is "Worlds!". Now finally we will print both the variable and see the output in the result.
a = "Hello"
b = "World!"

Hello Worlds

So, by using this example you know that we can also add the two different string.

Now our next step is to print numbers. To print numbers we will not use the double inverted commas in the print parameter and in the variable. 

So, we will simply print any two numbers in python.



Using these posts we will learn about python syntax and variable. And we will also make a first python program that prints the Hello World! in the output. And we learn, how to play with strings and number using python and how we can add two different string.
I hope you will enjoy and learn from this article.

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